IT ALL STARTED... a Frankston basement in 1998. A young lad called Nick was taught how to brew beer by his great uncle Geoff*.


On the other side of town, Luke was also learning the art of crafting home ales.


Their early efforts may have been only marginally preferable to goon (which was in style at the time) but they persevered and kept brewing.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Julien brought his "Kick Arse Brewing Blueberry Ale" to the world. It wasn't a commercial success.

*Uncle Geoff turns 102 years old in July 2020. He still drinks home brew. 


Why would a pilot and a couple of aerospace engineers start a brewing company? Like aviation, brewing is heavily regulated, and the wafer thin margins mean there's bugger all money to be made.


We make beer for the same reason we get up at 3am to work with aeroplanes - we love it!


Do what you love.



Nick, Luke, and Julien